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Each year, People Incorporated invests millions of dollars in communities throughout Virginia to provide opportunities for people to reach their goals in order to enhance their lives, their families and their communities. For the past 51 years, People Incorporated has promoted the dignity of individuals and families and has helped to move thousands of people into the economic mainstream.

Yet, we know that this work cannot be accomplished without the dedication, commitment, and talents of a countless number of community leaders, advocates and volunteers. To help recognize and celebrate these contributions to the communities that we serve, People Incorporated annually requests nominations for The Garland Thayer Award and The Henderson Award from community stakeholders to identify individuals and groups whose achievements embody the agency’s commitment to building futures and realizing dreams for low-income people and communities.

Award nominations are being accepted through October 28, 2015. More information and nomination forms are available here or upon request by contacting Ms. Carolyn Steffey at If you would like additional information, please contact Carolyn Steffey at 276-623-9000.

5o Years of Building Futures and
Realizing Dreams.

Although People Incorporated was created 50 years ago, our core mission to help people build good futures and realize their dreams continues. Today, we are one of the largest, most effective community action agencies in the country, as we are proud to showcase in our 2014 Annual Report. We help people help themselves with far-reaching programs that change lives for the better, and improve communities for all residents of Virginia. Learn More >

Success Stories

People Incorporated has been changing lives in Virginia for 50 years. Listen to individual success stories and watch People Incorporated's 50th Anniversary video. Watch Now>

Success Stories

We Can Help.

We Can HelpIf you’re in need, we can help you help yourself. You may qualify for training, education, affordable housing, or a second chance at life. Ask for Help >

Can You Help?

Can You Help?Volunteer your services, special skills, or make a tax deductible donation. Volunteer Now >
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People Incorporated Financial Services helps Virginia's business economy. Learn More >

People Incorporated Housing Group provides better housing opportunities. Learn More >

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