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The Child and Family Development Program provides opportunities for families to become engaged in their child’s education by encouraging them to volunteer in their child’s classroom, and to set educational goals for
their child with their child’s teacher. Through parent committee activities
at each site, parents have the opportunity to assist staff in planning Family Engagement Events and educational field trips. Each parent committee elects two representatives to serve on the program’s policy council. Families are offered a variety of opportunities to attend
training sessions that will enhance skills they
possess, gain new skills and to increase social
capital. Participation in these groups and in the
classroom provides a venue for parents to build
upon leadership and advocacy skills. In 2016
these included, but were not limited to:
• 381 parents and former parents of enrolled
children volunteered 26,519 hours in their
child’s classroom/Home Based Visits, at Group Socialization and in completion of Take-Home activities
• 146 fathers participated in a family assessment process
• 113 fathers participated in the family goal setting process
• 170 fathers participated in child development experiences for their child including home visits and parent-teacher conferences
• 84 fathers participated in parenting education workshops
Head Start children are assessed three times during the school year using Teaching Strategies GOLD, a research based online assessment tool, to monitor individual progress in the developmental areas of Social, Emotional, Physical, Language, Literacy, Cognitive and Mathematics. Working together, teachers and families use the results to develop individualized education strategies to prepare each child for kindergarten. Early Head Start children are assessed four times per year and also receive individualized instruction to support their transition to Head Start. Also, children who are going to kindergarten are screened using the Pre-K PALS Assessment tool three times within a school year.
It measures the child’s knowledge of important emergent literacy fundamentals including: name writing, alphabet knowledge, beginning sound awareness, print and word awareness, rhyme awareness, and nursery rhyme awareness.
The Abingdon Parent Committee helps the program staff plan activities.
The program was not reviewed by the office of Head Start during the 2015–2016 fiscal year.
Building Futures, Realizing Dreams

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