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People Incorporated of Virginia 2016 Board of Directors
Executive Committee
Chris Shortridge,
Buchanan County, Chair
David McCracken,
Washington County, Vice Chair
Alice Meade,
Russell County, Secretary
Vicki Porter,
Russell County, Assistant Secretary
John Ayers,
Shenandoah County, Treasurer At-Large Members
Catherine Brillhart,
City of Bristol Tommy Burris, City of Bristol Tony Carter, Warren County Ronald King, City of Manassas
Dennis Morris,
Shenandoah County Jan Selbo, Fauquier County
Board Members
Trey Adkins, Steven M. Botello, Janet L. Justice Crickmer, Beverly Dunford, Pam Dunn, Eula Ellison, Winona Fleenor, Linda Gibson, Yvette Goode, Bobbie Gullett, Ashley Hartless, Coleen Hillerson, Tony Hooper, Elijah Johnson, Randi Knights, James Kraft, Stephanie Lillard, Phillip McCall, G. David Moore, Jr., Terry P. Mullins, Jean Neal, John Richard Neese, Lisa Peacock, Rebecca Pippin, James E. Runion III, Doris C. Shuman, Kati Statzer, Danny Swartz, Billy P. Taylor, Larry H. Tiller, Alexandria Tristan,
Larry D. Yates, Cathy M. Zielinski
Accountability and Results:
People Incorporated is a dynamic organization with an important mission and responsibility to give disadvantaged people and communities hope for better futures. As a board of directors, we represent the views and interests of the 16 counties and cities that the agency serves throughout the Commonwealth, and carry the responsibility of assuring that People Incorporated has the resources, focus, and leadership to continue achieving the standard of excellence that has become such an important part of the agency’s legacy.
In 2016 we achieved an important milestone by becoming the first organization in Virginia to fully meet the 56 organizational performance standards recently established for Community Action Agencies by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. While this is an important first step, we as a board understand that meeting minimum standards does not equate to excellence, and this is why we will continue our work preparing the agency to cope with uncertain times, and expanding programs and services with an unswerving focus on outcomes and increased accountability to the clients and communities that we serve.
In an ever-changing political and funding environment, People Incorporated’s ability to continue building on its success and impact is largely dependent upon
its innovation and effectiveness in making sustainable changes for low-income people and communities. The question that lies before us is not whether People Incorporated is capable of doing good works—this is made clear in the client stories and program outcomes that appear throughout this report. We are pursuing a broader question; one that seeks to determine how we can become more effective as an organization in moving people and places out of poverty. Are the successes that we are able to bring about truly effective in making change that is sustainable over the long term? Do we make the greatest possible difference for the communities that we serve?
These are difficult questions and will require that we enhance our ability to demonstrate how we effectively meet the comprehensive needs of our clients, capture and analyze client outcomes data, and to follow-up with our clients to see how they are doing after they exit from our programs. People Incorporated has never been satisfied with just maintaining the status quo. We strive not for mere compliance and doing a “good enough” job, we strive for excellence....This is the only standard that is worthy of the people and places that put their trust in us to make a difference.
Looking back at 2016, we celebrate our successes, especially for the clients and communities that worked tirelessly to make positive, transformative changes. And it is in this spirit that we will continue to work on making the internal changes necessary to better demonstrate our impact and improve
our effectiveness.
Chris Shortridge
Chairman, Board of Directors People Incorporated of Virginia
Building Futures, Realizing Dreams

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