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Communities Experience Positive Development
3 Building Community Assets
4 Spurring Business Growth
5 Creating Sustainable Jobs
People Move Out of Poverty
6 Voices of Opportunity
7 Education Brings Opportunity
8 Building Skills for Self-Sufficiency
9 Bringing Stability, Health and Hope
10 Developing Sustainable Income and Assets
Service Area
11 Office Locations
Program Areas and Outcomes
12 Child and Family Development
14 Community Economic Development
15 Workforce Development
16 Housing Development
17 Community Services
Report Summary
18 Funding Partners
19 Message from the Board
20 Financials
23 Economic Impact
In 1964, a small group of concerned citizens in the rural community of Hayter’s Gap, Virginia decided to make a difference. By dedicating their time and skills to help their neighbors to build a stronger, more livable community and create more opportunities for local youth, these visionaries laid the cornerstone for the work that People Incorporated continues today.
Little did they know that their efforts would result in the creation of an organization that continues to make lasting change for people and communities. Through the years, the number of communities that we serve has grown substantially, and our mission and passion for the work remains undiminished. Our goal as an organization is clear: to move people out of poverty and build strong communities with multiple opportunities for growth and development. Providing opportunities to create lasting change for people and communities is not easy work. After 52 years of pursuing this goal, we have found that there is no single strategy, program, tool, or resource dynamic enough to fully address the multitude of needs experienced by low-income people and communities.
As a result, our strategy is based on the belief that the best way to move people and places out of poverty is by bundling multiple resources to help people and communities acquire assets. Individual assets, such as improved education, an affordable home, a small business, better health, financial literacy, or job skills directly impact financial stability and growth. Similarly, community assets such as well-paying sustainable jobs, community facilities, local amenities, accessible goods and services, and a supportive business environment all contribute to healthy economies that build community wealth and better places to live.
In the following pages, you will find stories, data, and outcomes related to our work over the past year. These are only a few of the successes realized from our direct services to 6,013 individuals and $110 million
in economic impact in the communities that we serve. We are fortunate
to have had the opportunity to work in partnership with countless individuals, families, community leaders and other organizations to create vibrant communities where families flourish and all people can realize their full potential. We know full well that this work is not complete and that much remains to be done, but it is this charge that pushes us to keep reaching for excellence and striving for change.
Robert G. Goldsmith
President and C.E.O.
1173 West Main Street Abingdon, VA 24210
276.623.9000 |

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