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“I thoroughly enjoyed my Read Across America excursion to the Head Start classroom. The children there are gaining important skills for life and learning—and are enjoying a lot of laughter, as well. I predict sunshine and happiness in every Head Start classroom.”
—Chris Michaels, WCYB meteorologist
Building Skills for Self-sufficiency
PROGRAM: CHIP (Comprehensive Health Invest- ment Project) Parent Connections
PARTNERS: Parents and children CHIP of Virginia
RESULT: Each child ages 0–6 and their older siblings are able to secure and benefit from a medical home
CHIP supports parents in their role as their child’s first and best teacher
Each child’s potential is enhanced
Families receive referrals to other needed services
Through specific programs and opportunities, People Incorporated gives individuals and families the tools and life skills to move out of poverty into independence.
People Incorporated provides learning opportunities for all ages and levels. Several of these — such as Head Start, CHIP (Comprehensive Health Investment Project) for Medicaid-eligible families, Virginia CARES (for ex-offenders), and Project Discovery — are geared specifically to address challenges that often weigh families down for generations.
In Head Start and Early Head Start programs, children prepare for a lifetime of learning through the provision of early childhood education, developmental screenings, health, nutrition, and human services. Their parents learn to support their family’s development while reaching their own personal goals such as a GED or higher education. CHIP provides family-centered, in-home counselors to connect families to services, teach parenting skills, and enhance each child’s potential.
In Virginia CARES, ex-offenders avoid recidivism through information, referral, counseling and employment assistance. Life skills are also learned through workforce training and development and housing development programs where clients learn budgeting and personal finance, improve their work skills, and connect to employment services.
Clients increase their life skills
• • • • •
216 clients increased work skills and competencies 622 clients completed budget classes
1,563 clients completed business trainings
63 clients completed homebuyer classes
17 clients completed prepurchase and foreclosure prevention classes
People Incorporated Annual Report 2016

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