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406 victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault were assisted and 181 were provided with court advocacy services.
134 adults and children, all facing homelessness because of domestic violence, were sheltered.
112 children were provided with Court Appointed Special Advocates.
102 eligible adults received free dental care.
355 returning citizens received employment services and counseling. 81 obtained employment.
100% of students in the Improving Scholars program improved their performance in school.
85 high school students learned about the bene ts of higher education through Project Discovery; 19 students graduated, 18 enrolled in college and 1 entered the military.
112 families including 170 children, birth to age six, improve their health and quality of life.
COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH INVESTMENT PROJECT (CHIP) Families with children improve their self-suf ciency by reaching self-identi ed goals that strengthen the family unit. CHIP strives to help parents provide an environment where children grow up healthy, safe, and ready to learn.
COURT APPOINTED SPECIAL ADVOCATE (CASA) Abused and neglected children obtain safe, permanent homes with the assistance of a court assigned volunteer to represent the child’s best interest. Children represented by CASA are less likely to spend time in long-term foster care and less likely to re-enter foster care.
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SERVICES Survivors of domestic abuse or sexual assault achieve safety and independence as they receive housing and supportive assistance, including a 24-hour hotline service, temporary emergency shelter, referrals, support groups, transportation, and court advocacy for survivors of violence and sexual assault.
“Many factors, such as race and Hispanic origin, gender, citizenship, English-speaking ability and geographic location do influence work-life earnings but none had as much impact as education.” —CENSUS.GOV
IMPROVING SCHOLARS At-risk middle and high school students are kept on the path toward academic and career goals with weekly guidance that improves their scholastic performance and helps them avoid delinquent behaviors.
PROJECT DISCOVERY Low-income high school students and potential  rst generation college students increase their chances of attending and succeeding in college by participating in this college access program, which provides workshops, leadership activities, and college campus visits.
Returning citizens are assisted with the transition from state prison to life in the community by receiving supportive services including information, referral, counseling and employment assistance.
WASHINGTON COUNTY FREE DENTAL CLINIC Community dentists volunteer and provide tooth extractions for low-income individuals in Washington County.
People Incorporated Annual Report 2017

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