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REAL VOICES: COMMUNITIES EXPERIENCE POSITIVE DEVELOPMENT Families and individuals improve housing situation • Consumer loans
Consumer loan enables home repairs
Velva Bostic and her husband were in desperate need of home repairs. After many years of deterioration, a leaking roof, and storm doors falling apart—the bathtub fell through the floor, breaking waterlines loose. Medical bills and trips to the doctor for her husband resulted in debt in the hundreds of thousands and they were unable to pay for repairs. Velva called People Incorporated to ask about a consumer loan. In summer 2017, she applied for a loan with her son putting up his mobile home as collateral. The application was approved quickly. As soon as Velva was able to pick up the loan, she went to purchase supplies for all the repairs needed. She used the funds to have someone rebuild the bathroom with a shower,  x the roof, water seal her porch and install two new storm doors. “I thank People Incorporated from the bottom of my heart for the help they were able to give me.” Velva stated.
REAL VOICES: COMMUNITIES EXPERIENCE POSITIVE DEVELOPMENT Building community assets • Spurring business growth
Building Futures, Realizing Dreams
Garrett and Sara Thayer, owners of Old Trade Brewery.
Old Trade Brewery
Housed in a remodeled horse barn, Old Trade Brewery is a small business start-up in Brandy Station, Culpeper County, Virginia. Garrett Thayer and his wife, Sara, prepared for this business venture for several years. They had saved money in order to apply for business loans through a traditional bank. However, several banks declined funding for the brewery. Thankfully, the Thayers were informed of People Incorporated’s business loans and were approved for over $200,000 to make their dream come true.
Garrett did most of the carpentry, plumbing, and updates to the barn himself once funds were in hand. Once the barn was ready, the brewery opened in May 2017 and has since had over 3,000 customers. The brewery offers craft beer, food options (mainly local Virginia food), a dog park, children’s playground and entertainment. The brewery currently employs three part time employees and has growth plans for the near future, including expanding to hard cider and creating event space. “We would have had to start much smaller,” Garrett stated. “These funds allow us to buy the equipment we needed. I recommend People Incorporated all the time.”

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