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People Incorporated of Virginia 2017 Board of Directors
Executive Committee
Chris Shortridge,
Chair, Buchanan County
David McCracken,
Vice Chair, Washington County
Alice Meade,
Secretary, Russell County
Vicki Porter,
Assistant Secretary, Russell County
John Ayers,
Treasurer, Shenandoah County
At-Large Members
Tommy Burris, City of Bristol Tony Carter, Warren County Ronald King, City of Manassas Dennis Morris, Shenandoah County Jan Selbo, Fauquier County
Board Members
Steven M. Botello Dr. Janet L. Justice Crickmer Betty Dean, Eula Ellison Winona Fleenor, Linda Gibson Yvette Goode, Bobbie Gullett Crystal Hale, Sue Harless Ashley Hartless, Coleen Hillerson Tony Hooper, Elijah Johnson Randi Knights, James Kraft Stephanie Lillard, Phillip McCall
G. David Moore, Jr. Kevin Mumpower Jean Neal, John Richard Neese Lisa Peacock, Doris C. Shuman Billy P. Taylor, Larry H. Tiller James E. Runion III Kati Statzer, Danny Swartz Nikole Williams, Wanda Williams Larry D. Yates, Cathy M. Zielinski
This was a transformative year for People Incorporated; the changes that
we made this year will increase our clients’ success for years to come.
For  fty-two years we excelled at developing and operating grant-funded programs that provided a range of anti-poverty services to people who wanted to enhance their lives, their families, and their communities. We are now becoming an organization that coordinates and marshals the resources that are needed to address the multiple needs of the individuals, families, and communities that we serve.
This year People Incorporated instituted a “no wrong door” policy, installed
a new client assessment and management information system, and established a long-term follow-up and evaluation department. The staff and the Board have also identi ed long-term outcomes to be evaluated for the agency and each of its programs.
We believe that there is no silver bullet that will enable people to escape poverty. Low-income people often have more than one hurdle to clear in order to escape poverty, so they need multiple services and supports in order to make real progress. From this point forward, People Incorporated will help people assess their needs, develop goals, make plans, and create a unique bundle of services that address their needs and aspirations. When applicants approach any of our program staff, they complete an agency intake form that evaluates their need and eligibility for other services that we offer, as well as those
offered by other service providers. With the applicants’ permission, we will refer them to the appropriate person to apply for services, then we will follow-up to make sure that the services were received. Once people complete their service plans and are no longer our clients, we will follow-up with them to evaluate
the impact of our services, to  nd ways to improve our effectiveness, and to determine if the former client could bene t from additional services.
Our new approach to how we provide services will increase the success of the people who come to us in a quest for a better life, while our new follow-up and evaluation capacity will also enable People Incorporated to manage to the outcomes that we have targeted. These core changes to the way that People Incorporated does business are transformational, and will provide for the long term stability and sustainability for the agency, and our clients, well into the future.
Chris Shortridge
Chairman, Board of Directors People Incorporated of Virginia
Building Futures, Realizing Dreams

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