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Hope is a powerful thing; it can change how we act and what our futures may hold. Hope springs eternal, but for it to survive there must be some plausible pathway to success. For 6,021 people in 2,849 families, this year People Incorporated created that pathway to success and kept hope alive.
People Incorporated helps individuals, families and communities gain the assets that can be the foundations of pathways out of poverty. With People Incorporated’s assistance, people acquired education, job skills, business skills, business ownership, home ownership, parenting skills, and better health care. They graduated, they received certi cations, they were hired, they borrowed money and created jobs, they borrowed money and bought their  rst homes, they got a dentist
and a family doctor, they moved into good quality affordable housing .... they took steps toward a better future, toward the ful llment of their hopes and dreams. Communities gained new employers and new jobs, they gained new amenities, they gained assets for tourism development and downtown revitalization, their balance sheets improved, their prospects brightened and their hope grew.
It is inevitable that we will all encounter road blocks and suffer setbacks. Those assets that become the foundations of our pathways can also build our resiliency so that our setbacks are short-lived and those road blocks are hurdles that we learn how to clear. Thus our competence grows, our con dence grows and hope is alive.
That hope inspires people to give of themselves, to volunteer,
to partner, to join the effort to provide opportunity and hope to others. The collective impact of all those volunteers, partners, collaborators combined with the dedicated service of a talented staff is how pathways are built, how they are traversed, how lives are improved and how hope is kept alive.
Helping people to build futures and change their lives is the hallmark of People Incorporated’s work and as the following pages attest, we were able to help many people and communities do just that in 2017.
Robert G. Goldsmith
President and C.E.O.
Every person needs support from others. People Incorporated promotes the dignity of individuals and families, moves people into the economic mainstream, and works to develop existing strengths and resources within communities. All of our efforts are directed by the concerns, hopes, needs and dreams of the people we serve.
To provide opportunities for economically disadvantaged people to reach their goals in order to enhance their lives, their families, and their communities.
Community Action changes people’s lives, embodies the spirit of hope, improves communities, and makes America a better place to live. We care about the entire community, and we are dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other.
Building Futures, Realizing Dreams

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