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“How can a new set of policies give people a fair chance to succeed in the classroom, the workplace, and the home? Economic success requires people’s initiative, but it also requires us, as a society, to untangle the web of disadvantages that make following the sequence difficult for some Americans. There are no silver bullets. Government cannot do this alone. But government has a role to play in motivating individuals and facilitating their climb up the economic ladder.”
—Edward Rodrigue and Isabel V. Sawhill, An Agenda for Reducing Poverty and Improving Opportunity, The Brookings Institution, 2016
Children obtain healthcare • Children develop school readiness • Increased work skills and competencies
Healthcare, hope, and a home
Kimberly Belisle already knew about People Incorporated, as her oldest daughter attended Head Start before entering kindergarten. When Kimberly became pregnant again, she was enrolled into CHIP (Comprehensive Health Investment Project). She has learned so much, such as she is her child’s  rst teacher and what different milestones are for her children.
When she began looking for work she was having dif culty  nding employment due to a felony. Her CHIP Home Visitor referred her to the agency’s VA CARES program for assistance. CARES staff were able to assist Kimberly in getting a bonding letter for employment applications and she found employment quickly after receiving it. Now, Kimberly and her  ancé have started People Incorporated’s Housing Counseling to  gure out what they need to do in order to purchase a home. They have started working on their credit thanks to counseling services provided so far. She feels that her con dence and self-esteem have risen since becoming part of the agency. “People Incorporated has helped our family tremendously. Without them, I would feel totally lost.”
Building Futures, Realizing Dreams 5

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