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Child and Family Development Services
301 children were served in Head Start and 182 children were served in Early Head Start.
443 families served. Average monthly enrollment for Head Start was 120% and Early Head Start was 101% of funded enrollment.
92% of Head Start children and 96% of Early Head Start children live between 100-130% of poverty level (90% is required).
100% of the children in Head Start and Early Head Start received medical and dental exams.
15% of the children in Head Start and 15% in Early Head Start have been diagnosed with developmental disabilities.
33 parents held a seat or served as an alternate on the policy council. Three of these were fathers.
3 parents served on the People Incorporated Board of Directors.
148 families set goals for themselves and achieved them.
606 parents and former parents of enrolled children provided 46,630 hours of volunteer
service and contributed $630,805 toward non-federal share.
713 community volunteers and businesses donated 10,978 hours of their
time and provided services and discounts to bene t children and families.
DICKENSON COUNTY CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER Children receive quality care so their parents are free to work or attend school, secure in knowing that their children are properly supervised and provided with child-appropriate activities that enhance their school experiences.
EARLY HEAD START Early Head Start provides center- and home- based education, health, and human services to pregnant women and families with children up to age three. Prenatal care and birth outcomes of pregnant women are improved and parents are more emotionally supportive of their children. Developmental and behavioral issues are identi ed early so that parents can understand how to address them and care for their children appropriately.
HEAD START Children ages three to  ve are
better prepared to enter kindergarten through the provision of early childhood education, developmental screenings, health, nutrition, and human services. Their parents learn to support their family’s development while reaching their own personal goals such as a GED or higher education.
Head Start children are assessed three times during the school year
using Teaching Strategies GOLD, a research based online assessment
tool, to monitor individual progress in the developmental areas of social, emotional, physical, language, literacy, cognitive and mathematics. Working together, teachers and families use the results to develop individualized education strategies to prepare each child for kindergarten. Early Head Start children are assessed four times per year and also receive individualized instruction to support their transition to Head Start. Also, children who are going to kindergarten are screened using the Pre-K PALS Assessment tool three times within a school year. It measures the child’s knowledge of important emergent literacy fundamentals including: name writing, alphabet knowledge, beginning sound awareness, print and word awareness, rhyme awareness, and nursery rhyme awareness.
Early Head Start children ages 1– 2 years old achieved 14% growth in the social emotional domain. Language skills grew by 15%.
Head Start 3 year olds achieved 18% growth in the social emotional domain and 15% growth in literacy.
People Incorporated Annual Report 2017

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