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Robert G. Goldsmith
President and C.E.O.
Chris Shortridge
Chairman, Board of Directors
At People Incorporated we strive for excellence in our quest to provide opportunities for growth and development to economically disadvantaged people. We work to be responsive to the people and communities we serve, as well as responsible to them through our boards—made up of representatives from local government, business and partner organizations, and the people who use our services—and through advisory groups, focus groups, surveys and transparency. We strive to use our donor’s money ef ciently and effectively to enable people, families, and communities to reach their developmental goals. We have established systems to evaluate the long-term impact of our services, including following up with our past clients to  nd out about their long-term progress. Going forward, we intend to follow them for  ve years after they  nish our services.
As a learning organization, People Incorporated explores new approaches to increase our effectiveness and clients’ successes. We are focusing on whole family development and bundled services to increase and reinforce the impact of our services. This approach will augment our services and the services of other organizations at both the individual and the community levels.
This year People Incorporated provided direct, life-changing service to 7,720 individuals and 4,478 families. We partnered with 446 other organizations, received  nancial support from 79 sources, mobilized 455 volunteers, and employed 328 individuals. We invested $55.81 million in community development and business development projects and leveraged $38.5 million in investment from our partners.
Our activities include human development, affordable housing development, business development and community development, all with an objective
of providing economic opportunity to people, families, and communities.
We operate ongoing programs such as Head Start and special projects such
as the Trammel Community Improvement Project; this year we purchased three apartment complexes to rehabilitate and dedicate to affordable housing. We also purchased land to build an additional affordable housing community. We continue to implement proven anti-poverty activities and provide leadership in the implementation of innovative solutions to poverty.
Robert G. Goldsmith
President and C.E.O.
Chris Shortridge
Chairman, Board of Directors People Incorporated of Virginia
Annual Report 2018

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