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Meeting Culpeper’s Needs at Every Stage
In Culpeper, Virginia, People Incorporated addresses the needs of economically disadvantaged families through programs that offer multiple services, like Empowering Culpeper. It encourages partnerships with other community agencies to provide access to permanent supportive housing, and implements vital economic development strategies to foster entrepreneurship.
Provided technical assistance
to 6entrepreneurs in Culpeper County,creatingorretaining 9.5 jobs.
In 2017, Shannon Armstrong decided to purchase Wine
and Design, an art instruction studio that was already well- established in the Culpeper community, but her bank’s interest rates were too high. Fortunately, her banker referred her to People Incorporated’s Senior Business Lender, who was able to offer much lower rates and guide her through the loan process. “Our business lender was so supportive,” Shannon says. “She even attended our opening day ribbon cutting ceremony!” Today, Wine and Design offers adult and children’s art classes, painting camps, fundraisers, DIY
classes, private parties, and team
building exercises. While Shannon
runs the business’s day-to-day
operations, there’s plenty of work
for her husband and two daughters.
Shannon is exuberant, “The studio
has experienced so much success we
recently moved into a larger building!”
In 2017, People Incorporated
adopted Empowering Culpeper, a
volunteer-run food distribution center started in 2004. With People Incorporated’s help and collaborative partnerships with local community service agencies, Empowering Culpeper is able to continue its mission to assist low to moderate income families with food, access to  u shots, vision screening, blanket and
coat distribution, and even pet food. Additionally, the Virginia Cooperative Extension Program prepares healthy meal options that individuals can sample and learn to prepare at home.
3,440 volunteer hours to provide more than 2,831 boxes of fresh and non-perishable foodto427householdsthrough Empowering Culpeper.
Worked with Foothills Housing Network tohelp 3Culpeperhouseholds access permanent supportive housing.
Shannon Armstrong, Wine & Design
People Incorporated

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