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After 10 years of being chronically homeless, Ben Simms contacted Foothills Housing Network Central Entry. Ben and his partner, Melanie Stone, had overcome addictions, Melanie had recently been released from prison, and the couple were in an ongoing custody battle for their son.
Ben and Melanie were referred to People Incorporated for
Foothills Permanent Supportive Housing (FPSH), and secured housing in Culpeper County in August 2017. FPSH and People Incorporated provided their security deposits for housing and utilities, as well as rent and utility fees, and People Incorporated connected Ben and Melanie to medical services through Rappahannock Rapidan Community Services.
Culpeper, Virginia
Through this process, Ben and Melanie have become more self-con dent
and secure, and look forward to new challenges. They continue to  ght for custody of their son, and remain hopeful that he will return to them soon.
Melanie shares, “I am so grateful to get another chance at life. I never dreamed this could or would happen to us, and now we have an opportunity to get our baby back, that means more than words can ever say.”
Annual Report 2018

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