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Inspired to create something unique, Jacquelyn Rodriguez opened her own salon in 2011. Enlightened Styles has evolved into a holistic, organic salon—the only one of its kind in Fauquier County. While Jacquelyn started the business on her own, People Incorporated was able to lend the additional capital she needed to expand her business and increase its recycling capacity.
Jacquelyn shares, “I wanted to create something that was completely different from
what was out there, something that would
help people in a different way. We recycle everything we can, even the hair color we use, and have eliminated 95% of
the waste the salon produces. We also use biodegradable products, which are 100% organic.”
The loan Jacquelyn received helped her achieve business goals she may not otherwise have been able to reach, and Jacquelyn adds, “My kids see you can be who you want to be and help others through that.”
Fauquier County, Virginia
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