Abingdon furniture store opens with help of small business loan

Starting a business requires passion, dedication, and most importantly, capital. Through the agency’s small business loan program, People Inc. was able to help one family’s business dream come to life.

Cindy and Aaron Rollins of Washington County are the owners and founders of Haven Home Furnishings in Abingdon. Cindy, a real estate agent, and Aaron, a former employee at a local furniture store, long envisioned opening their own furniture store. They set out on the path to make their dream a reality in January 2023.

Their 9,000+ square foot store needed extensive renovations before it could welcome customers. But before they could open, they faced a crucial challenge—the need for capital to purchase inventory.

Cindy and Aaron were familiar with People Inc.’s small business loan program, which provides entrepreneurs with the financial support they need to start or expand their business. People Inc. was able to provide the family with a $50,000 loan to purchase inventory for their store.

Their experience with People Inc. exceeded their expectations. Cindy and Aaron felt that the organization genuinely cared about their success and was always readily available to address any questions. The personal touch and support provided the couple with the confidence and reassurance they needed during this critical phase of their business. “Our lender has been great. She checks in with us all the time,” said Cindy. “You can tell you all are really rooting for us.”

Cindy poses with her daughter, Jenny at their store.

With the loan from People Inc. combined with other funding sources, Cindy and Aaron were able to purchase the necessary inventory to stock their store. The couple’s efforts culminated in the grand opening of their store in August 2023. They are now focusing on expanding their reach and diversifying their product offerings.

One of their strategies is to partner with local artists and craft makers. By featuring more local creations in their store, Cindy and Aaron hope to not only provide unique and high-quality products to their customers, but also support local talent.

As Cindy and Aaron continue to map out their future business plans, the invaluable support they received from People Inc. remains at the forefront of their journey. With the help of a People Inc. small business loan, they were able to transform their dreams into reality, establish their presence within the community, and bring joy to customers looking for unique and locally sourced products.

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