Dave finds his calling on the road

Dave grew up in Grundy, Virginia, and moved to Washington County after graduating high school. Without a credential or degree, Dave struggled to find meaningful, fulfilling work that could also pay the bills. He worked at various retail stores, living paycheck to paycheck. While he knew he wanted more out of his career, Dave didn’t know where to start.

He was referred to People Incorporated’s Youth Employment and Training program in February 2022. Dave worked with a People Incorporated Workforce Development Specialist to explore various careers and settled on obtaining his Commercial Truck Driver’s License. People Incorporated not only helped guide him through choosing a career path, but also helped him enroll in a program.

In a matter of weeks, Dave was enrolled in a local CDL Class A certification program. The program paid his tuition expenses for the course and covered his travel fees to make attending classes possible. Through determination and hard work, Dave completed the four-week program while also working full-time. He received his license immediately upon completing the program and was employed with a local beverage delivery company two weeks later. “Working in retail can get boring quickly,” said Dave. “You’re more on your toes with trucking.”

Dave is grateful for the assistance that he received from People Incorporated to complete his training. “I wouldn’t have had the money to do it without their help,” he said. In addition to the financial assistance he received, he’s also tremendously grateful for the support and encouragement of the People Incorporated staff he connected with. “I don’t really ask people for help. I usually try to do things on my own. They helped a lot,” said Dave.

Today, Dave is doing much better financially and enjoys going to work every day. While he’s gaining experience working, he is also considering earning additional certifications to increase his earning potential even more. Wherever the road will take him, Dave knows his future is looking bright.

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